The Path of Empire - T he Path of Empire i i. Monroes...

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The Path of Empire ii. Monroe’s doctrine and the Venezuelan Squall In 1895-6, …near Venezuela about a disputed area between it and British Guiana, . . . Pres. Cleveland had his Sec. of State Richard Olney to write a “21 inch” note declaring that they were breaking the Monroe Doctrine, and thus should submit the dispute to arbitration. GB was unimpressed … Cleveland formed a commission from Congress to draw a line and said USA would fight for it if not abided by. Soon, GB got involved with Germany, and GB relented and submitted to arbitration, and eventually got what they wanted. US took a commanding commission by standing up to Great Britain Hawaii has: Sugarcane Location 40% are dominated by the Japanese III. In the Pacific The Hawaiian Islands . . . in the 1820’s . . . and by 1870s we were trading sugar with them, and 1887 we had a treaty . . . guaranteeing naval-base rights at Pearl Harbor. A Sugar downfall in the 1890s led some to call for the annexation of Hawaii, and some even deposed Queen Liliuokalani, but when Pres. Cleveland came to power in 1893, continued to govern itself until McKinley approves of it on July 7, 1898. Citizens of Hawaii were granted full rights and Hawaii received full territorial status in 1900. VI. Cuba The Cubans revolted against Spain in 1868, but Spain told them things would get better, and they didn’t. Then the world-wide depression of the 1890s hit Cuba hard, combined with the raised tariff from the USA in 1894.
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A revolt also occurred in Cuba in 1895, due to tampering by the USA with its high tariff in 1894. Insurgents decided to burn and damage so much of the Sugar . . . In 1896 when the Spanish Gen. Valeriano Weyler (the Butcher) came and became governor of Cuba, he put citizens in barbed-wire concentration camps . . . thanks to “yellow journalism.” But Cleveland . . . January 1898 McKinley ordered the battleship Maine to Mavana after riots broke out to
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The Path of Empire - T he Path of Empire i i. Monroes...

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