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The Stalemated 70s - The Stalemated 70s I Introduction II...

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The Stalemated 70s! I. Introduction II. Economic Stagnation Wages stop rising Stagnant wages but yet inflation is rising Toppling of a president A. Stagflation – B. Causes . . . There were more women than teens in the work force A decling investment in new machinery Heavy cost of complying with government imposed safety and health regulation Shift of the econmy from manufacturing to service Energy crisis – free oil will be gone Vietnam Competitive nature of the other countries C. Thus a stalemated, unpopular war and a stagnant unresponsive economy greeted those in the new decade III. Nixon “Vietnamizes” the War A. January 1969 . . . Vietnam is his focus . . . He wanted an “honorable peace.” When the war started in ‘54 Chuck Colson – one of Nixon’s associates. B. The Nixon Doctrine . . . “Veitnamization” . . . Fund them with both American money and weapons C. Anti-War protests (called “bums” by Nixon) continued . . . October 1969 National Vietna m Moratorium Day . . . D. November 3, 1969 . . . “the Silent Majority” . . . E.
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Agnew F. My Lai Massacre . . . Early 1970 . . . The event occurred March 16, 1968 in which an army unit killed 305 innocent civilians of My Lai (in South Vietnam) . . . G. The public was outraged! H. By January 1970 .Vietnam became the longeest war I. April 29, 1970 Nixon widened the war – Cambodia! J. Kent State In Ohio May 4 1970, National Guard members fire into the crowd killing protestor Xino will start to witdraw troops June of 1970 K. AA Protests . . .
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