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Wilsonian Progressives At Home and Abroad 1912

Wilsonian Progressives At Home and Abroad 1912 - W ilsonian...

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Wilsonian Progressives At Home and Abroad 1912-1916 The Election of 1912 – The “Bull Moose” Campaign The Democrats nominated Woodrow Wilson . . . the “New Freedom” program including strong antitrust legislation, banking reform, and tariff reductions. Militant Progressive The Republicans nominated president William H. Taft. Half of the Republicans sponsored a third-party called the Progressive Republicans and nominated Teddy Roosevelt at their convention in Chicago in August of 1912. Dramatically, settlement-house pioneer Jane Addams placed Roosevelt’s name for nomination . . . “as strong as a bull moose,” . . . The big issue in this election was which brand of progressivism would prevail – Roosevelt’s New Nationalism, . . . Conversely, Wilson and his “New Freedom” . . . Continue to have good trusts and bad trusts A minimum wage Wants more regulatory agencies Women’s suffrage The right for women to vote Broad social welfare Wanted small businesses, entrapaneuroships, and unmonopolized markets Wilson fragmentation In this tough campaign, . . . Roosevelt and Taft essentially guaranteed a Democratic victory. The result – Wilson won 435-88 for Roosevelt, 8 for Taft, and 0 for Debs, but the Socialists . . . over 900,000!! Thus Wilson became President with a minority of the popular vote – 41%. For the first time since the Civil War, the Dems controlled both the presidency and both Houses of Congress.
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Taft would later in 1921 become Chief justice of the SC. President Wilson- The Idealist in Politics Bio 1856-184` - I am the child of the war Wilson’s father was a Presbyterian minister Studied to become a professor of political science Only president to earn a doctorate Became the president of Princeton University in New Jersey Pushed for educational reform Became president through “Bull Moose” Campaign He was a powerful orator One of the presidents since George Washington to give the State of the Union speech Wilson and the Assault! He called for an all-out assault on the “triple wall of privilege” – the tariff, the banks, and the trusts. Ensure competition Regarding the tariff . . . in early 1913, Congress passed the Underwood Act of 1913, . . . This was the first significant reduction of duties since before the Civil War . . . . because with the authority of the recently ratified 16th Amendment, Congress enacted a graduated income tax. By 1917 revenue from the income tax was higher than the tariff has remained ever since.
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Wilsonian Progressives At Home and Abroad 1912 - W ilsonian...

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