mcdonalization - Introduction to Sociology Winter 2007 Ann...

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Introduction to Sociology Winter 2007 Name Sarah Otto Ann Coburn-Collins Assignment Four THE MCDONALDIZATION OF SOCIETY MECHANICS The purpose of this assignment is for you to learn the theoretical ideas behind Rationalization as theorized by Max Weber and The McDonaldization of Society as theorized by Ritzer (1993). Its intent is for you to understand the roots of the ideas presented by these theorists, the key concepts embedded in their theories and to discover evidence that McDonaldization is a reality of modern industrial society and a very real part of your every day life. For this assignment you are required, to first read the assignments in your text. Then you are to go to the web pages outlined below, read them and print the first page at each address you visit. Attach these printed pages to the back of this assignment. After you have done your readings, answer questions 5, 6 and 7 below. Questions 5 through 7 are to be done solely by you…this part is not a part of the group project . Next, you and your partner are to go out into the world and find evidence of McDonaldization. This evidence must be brought to class and presented in the form of a poster, skit, poem, story or any other creative means of presentation. With your partner, you are also required to give a presentation on your findings. The presentation and this typed and completed assignment need to be brought with you to class on April 23. By the way, it is always obvious when students have not done the readings for this assignment. So be forewarned. This assignment is worth 40 points for the written questions and 40 points for the
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mcdonalization - Introduction to Sociology Winter 2007 Ann...

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