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Sarah Otto Sociology 111 Ann Coburn-Collins April 9, 2007 Based on the Inconvenient Truth The presentation was based on the movie An Inconvenient Truth , and it showed slide by slide basically what the movie was on. The slide show that was presented was the information used to make the film. The information started off with The Climate Project, which explains different factors that are affecting the Earth’s climate. The different factors include the greenhouse effect, and tell of how since the Industrial Revolution more gases have been emitted into the atmosphere. These gases have worn down the Ozone layer. Another major factor of global warming is that glaciers are melting, which means they are disappearing. Forty percent of the world depends on glacial water for fresh water. This means the temperature of the earth is increasing. The temperature has fluctuated over the past thousand years, but had increased in the last century and with a temperature increase comes a carbon dioxide rise. More carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is harmful to the ozone layer.
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inconvenienttruth - Sarah Otto Sociology 111 Ann...

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