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Sarah Otto AAD 102 Section#22158719 Tammie Fogal Central Michigan University September 1, 2011 Learning Strategies Studying is when a person takes information from any given subject and tries to absorb the information and data in order to know and remember the material presented. I have two preferred learning styles; I am both a kinesthetic and an auditory learner. I always thought I was a visual learner because I like being shown, but the quiz told me differently. BIS 104: Computers and Society I know the basics of computers, so that will help me in this class. I will study in the computer lab because it will be easier for me to use the information I am learning in a hands on experience. I will study on average about 4 hours a week. Computers aren't my passion so I know I will have to reach back in my memory from when I learned the computer programs in high school. I will study on my own mostly but I will probably go to a fellow class mate from time to time to make sure I comprehend all the material. I will use the lab time for the class as my hands on learning and the lecture will help with my auditory learning. The five studying methods I will use will be to go to lectures, practice Microsoft office,
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aad 102 1 - Sarah Otto AAD 102 Section#22158719 Tammie...

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