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Social Psych - The social factors that have contributed to...

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Sarah Otto Cultural Geography February 3, 2011 Mr. Dunkel The Slow-Down of European Population Growth 1. What is happening to Europe’s population growth rate? What is happening to mortality and fertility in Europe today? Europe’s population growth rate is on the decline since the eighteenth century. Mortality as well as fertility is on the decline as well fertility more so that mortality. 2. The decline in fertility has been dramatic and is below replacement level everywhere in Europe? The explanations are not simply economic ones? People stopped having as many children because of industrialization of Europe and when child labor laws were passed children weren’t a necessity anymore. 3. What is the result of higher Standards on the number of children being born? What other social factors are important in this demographic trend? The result of higher standards is that the replacement level is not balanced and the populations will decline.
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Unformatted text preview: The social factors that have contributed to this decline are the higher standards of living, personal materialistic goals, and less infant mortality. 4. Comment on lifestyle and living arrangements as they affect fertility levels? If a couple is very materialistic as well has active it may be harder for them to have children around and live the same lifestyle. People are choosing their personal lives over having families. 5. What is the role of womens aspirations in explaining both fertility levels and the associated lifestyle changes? More and more women arent getting married and are following their career paths. Marriages have been on the decline, divorce has been on the rise and more people cohabitating, with this happening people have been having less children....
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Social Psych - The social factors that have contributed to...

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