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social psych 1 - Residential Mobility Well-being and...

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“Residential Mobility, Well-being, and Morality” PSY 241 Fall 2010 Sarah Otto Alpena Community College Mrs. Howe
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In the questions that follow, the answers will summarize the article, “Residential Mobility, Well-Being, and Morality .” Q1: What was the research about? The present study was conducted to find the relationship between frequently moving and a person’s well-being. The questions that were asked were; what are the psychological correlates of frequent residential moves and are frequent moves more negatively associated with the well-being of some individuals than others? They interviewed 7,108 adults (3,632 woman and 3,395 men; 81 did not specify) randomly. The individuals that participated were between the ages of 20 and 75 years old at the beginning of the study. Q2: Why did the authors do it? The authors, Shigehiro Oishi and Ulrich Schimmack, conducted the study to show the correlation between well-being, personality, and residential moving. There had never been a study done quite like this one before so they wanted to show how morality and
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social psych 1 - Residential Mobility Well-being and...

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