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Portfolio Introduction Aggression and violence There are a lot of influences in the media and today’s age that is portraying violence and aggression to the world. Entry Category Entry Number Popular Song/ Poem 6 Movie 1 Cartoon 3 Magazine or Newspaper article/ Short Story 2 Website 4 Original Poem/ short story/ lyrics 5 Aggression is a very common attitude known around the world. In everyday life there are constant reminders of domestic violence and bar fights. There are shows such as Cops and MTV’s Teen Mom that show arguing and constant rebellion. From putting together this portfolio I learned that aggression is viewed differently in different cultures. Some cultures are very tolerant of aggression as long as there are no physical marks. Different social classes even see aggression differently. I knew people learn from their surroundings but to see that it impacts so many more people than anyone can really imagine is hard to see. Aggression and violence is portrayed in video games and movies. There are more and more violent games out each year and it seems kids are learning how to play such games at an even younger age than in the past. Domestic Violence is becoming a more comment topic in the media. There have been movies and shows with cases of violence for years. Shows such as NCIS or CSI are showing the fictional brutality of our society. It makes people think about what is going on around them. At least it makes me think about what this world is coming to. There are songs about cheating and backstabbing which leads to violent lyrics. There are songs about men killing
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their wives and women killing their husbands. This is becoming more common than a lot of people realize. Until I started this project I didn’t think about how many songs or movies or television shows are out in the public that portray so much violence. Cartoon strips are even showing violence and aggression. I chose aggression because I knew there was a lot to choose from but upon doing the research and finding the materials and entries I found that aggression is more than an issue in society. It is a huge problem Entry #1 of 6 Movie: Fried Green Tomatoes The movie Fried Green Tomatoes came out into theatres in 1991. The story is about two girls in the 1920s. Idgie Threadgood befriends her dead brother’s love, Ruth. When Ruth marries a man named Frank, Idgie helps Ruth get out of the relationship when she finds out that Frank is abusive. The scene I want to focus in on is a scene when Frank gets upset with Ruth and says that she is lying to him and keeping secrets from him. She has done nothing but be at home all day. He is convinced that she is in the wrong and punches her in the face, giving her a black eye and throws her down the steps.
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socpsy - Portfolio Int roduction Aggression and violence...

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