09.20.2011 (Vietnam)

09.20.2011 (Vietnam) - Media); To try and show veterans in...

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09/20/2011 America in Vietnam United States ultimately failed to reach its objectives in Vietnam (prevent  communism) Many reluctant to talk about war after it was over Over half a million disabled veterans from the war; PTSD among the  veterans; Most part ignored by larger parts of society (social alienation);  Society ungrateful and unapproved of what the soldiers did Beginning in 1980s, image of vets began to change (Memoirs by vets; 
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Unformatted text preview: Media); To try and show veterans in a more sympathetic light • 1982, Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial erected in Washington, D.C. • Major devastation in countries immediately affected from Vietnam war • Defeat prompted fingers pointing for source to blame • Weinberger doctrine (Before seek military solution, must find diplomatic, economic, etc way; must exert every other action as a solution before choosing a military one. ....
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