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GENERAL REGULATIONS FOR UNIVERSITY UNDERGRADUATE AWARDS [ S.L.327.236 1 SUBSIDIARY LEGISLATION 327.236 GENERAL REGULATIONS FOR UNIVERSITY UNDERGRADUATE AWARDS 16th March, 2004 LEGAL NOTICE 127 of 2004, as amended by Legal Notices 204 of 2005, 275 of 2009, 12 and 516 of 2010, and 181 of 2011. Citation and interpretation. Substituted by: L.N. 275 of 2009. 1. (1) The title of these regulations is the General Regulations for University Undergraduate Awards. (2) In these regulations, unless the context otherwise requires, the terms used shall be taken to mean as indicated in the Glossary of Terms listed hereunder: Glossary of Terms Term Explanation Academic year An Academic Year consists of two semesters, each incorporating 14 weeks of teaching, two weeks of recess, and examination periods of two weeks and of four weeks at the end of the first and the second semester respectively. Add/drop period A pre-announced period of time at the commencement of a semester during which students may withdraw without penalty from a Unit previously registered for, or register for a new Unit given in that semester. "Adding" or "Dropping" Study-Units may be subject to restrictions. Area of Study / Area A subject or a group of related subjects taken together in an approved Programme of Study. Award Classification Board The Award Classification Board appointed for each Undergraduate Course. Board The Board of the Faculty or Institute or Centre resp onsible for a particular Course or Programme of Study. Board of Studies T h e B o a r d a p p o i n t e d t o a d m i n i s t e r a Programme of Study in terms of these regulations. Bye-Laws Means the Bye-Laws approved by Senate for each Course.
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2 [ S.L.327.236 GENERAL REGULATIONS FOR UNIVERSITY UNDERGRADUATE AWARDS Catalogue of study-units A Catalogue of Study-Units is the collection of all the study-units offered by an academic entity. The detailed description of each Study- Unit shall indicate its type, level, code, title, content and learning outcomes, credit value, method of assessment, including the percentage weighting of each assessment component when applicable. The Unit description shall also indicate if other Units are pre-requisites or are required to be followed concurrently. Course / Course Plan A course of studies leading to a University Undergraduate award. A Course Plan may include one Programme of Study or a number of Programmes of Study in particular Areas of Study. Credit Credits are awarded for successful completion of each Study-Unit. A total of 60 credits are assigned to the study-units that students are expected to complete over one full-time academic year. Dean
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