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Kelly Gerdeman 317 Scientists Grow Meat in Laboratory This article in my opinion was very bias toward the promotion of lab meat, not once did they mention any type of con. That being said there are some pros that they did mention. A pro to having laboratory grown meat would be that it would reduce billions of tons of greenhouse gases emitted each year by farm animals, 18% of the worlds greenhouse gases come from livestock. It is said that the consumption of meat and dairy will double by 2050, in turn this could mean that the greenhouse gases caused by livestock would also double making it more environmental to grow meat instead of growing cattle for meat. After a while meat could be less expensive also because it would take less steps to getting the meat onto shelves at the super market. This is a viable alternative to the traditional way of raising meat animals, I don’t think I would ever try it.
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Unformatted text preview: Growing meat would have a huge impact on agronomy, not being able to sell seed feed to farmers would be very detrimental to agronomy. Not only is the meat from cattle good for you but farmers use manure for farm land fertilizer. Growing meat could be a door opener for other things like growing fish and chicken meat, this could be bad for our environment just as much as the greenhouse gasses given off by cattle. If people start growing meat in labs what would be the point in having animals like chicken or fish at all, people have been hunting for meat since humans have existed and I don’t think that it makes sense to start growing meat now. Its unnatural to grow meat, I would think that it would be more subject to contracting a disease. Because animals have an immune system its easy for them to fight of a disease where just growing meat wouldn’t have a defense system....
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