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Iowa Farmer Today - is treated Distant farmers are also...

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Iowa Farmer Today Distant Ownership Kelly Gerdeman 317 The article that was read for today discussed a very important topic, especially in Iowa. More and More owners of land are living further and further away from their land, this has to do with heirs moving before the land is given to them and big farm managers. The distance has several different concerns. One concern is that tenants who rent the farms are talking to the owners less and less, this could be stressful for the farmer to feel like the farm may be taken from him at any moment. Another concern that has risen is that the further people live from the land the less they are involved in its management, in turn they could generally be less concerned about the quality of the soil, how well the land is cared for or they may exploit it. This could directly influence social, economic and environmental outcomes of family farming. Farmers who own their own land are more likely to take better care of it and more concerned about how it
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Unformatted text preview: is treated. Distant farmers are also more likely to not keep the crops in the community. This could down the road create a problem for elevators, if elevators close farmers would have to take their grain to more distant places causing more hardships. Many distant farmers or people who rent land out are more concerned about the big return they can get out of land and don’t take care of fertility levels and aren’t concerned about the tile quality. They rape the land of nutrients and don’t put back what they take out of it. Something that has become more of a problem where I’m from (northwest Iowa) is that more and more farmers are selling their land to the DNR, this is a problem because the DNR is only wanting to turn the land into grass land, making farm land more scarce....
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