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Corn Plant Hormone Research Project

Corn Plant Hormone Research Project - In this project I...

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Corn Plant Hormone Research Project Gibberellic acid promotes the growth and elongation of cells. When used in small amounts gibberellic acid can be quite beneficial to plants and growers of plants. Because GA regulates growth, low concentrations can have a huge effect while too much will have the opposite effect. GA focuses on rapid stem and root growth, it increases mitotic division in the leaves of some plants, GA also increases the seed germination rate. The recommended concentration to use for GA is .01 – 10 mg/L. The molecular weight of GA is 346.37 g/mol. Abscissic Acid does a number of things to plants. Some of the effects of ABA on plants areas follows; stomatal closure, which decreases the transpiration of water (water loss). ABA inhibits fruit ripening and is responsible for seed dormancy by inhibiting cell growth and seed germination. ABA also “downregulates” enzymes needed for photosynthesis (“salt and drought stress signal transduction in plants” Annu Rev Plant)
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Unformatted text preview: In this project I plan to put four bean seeds in each petri dish, each dish will contain different hormone treatments. There will be a control dish containing only corn plants being the control of the experiment, a dish containing 100uM GA and corn plants, there will be a dish containing 100uM ABA and corn, and a dish containing 50uM GA and 50uM ABA and the corn plant. Each dish will be watered the same amount throughout the days and will be recorded the same. Through this experiment I will study the changes of length of the plants, the changes in the roots. I will also record changes in color, weight and compare the different plants treated with different hormones. Taking pictures will help me document the different changes in the different hormone treated plants. What I will need-• Petri Dishes- 4 • Absorbent paper- 4 • Corn Seeds- 16 • uM Abscissic acid-150 • uM Gibberellic acid- 150...
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Corn Plant Hormone Research Project - In this project I...

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