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Protocol for cellular respiration lab

Protocol for cellular respiration lab - • Add 8 to 12...

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Protocol for cellular respiration lab Ethanolic fermentation in yeast Test to see if culture is producing CO2, look for white precipitate Collect 30 mL of distillation, add 100ml of anerobic culture to one and 100 mL from control to the other, put on hot plate Perform iodoform test, take four test tubes and number each Add 1.5 mL of I2Ki then 1.5 mL of NaOH to each. Add the following to test tubes: 1. 2.5 mL distilled water 2. 1.23 mL distilled water and 1.25 mL 95% ethanol 3. 2.5 mL of distillate from anaerobic culture 4. 2.5 mL of distillate from control Mix all and let stand for five minutes Ifno reaction occurs in tube 2 add 1 mL more of NaOH to all tubes and mix Aerobic Respiration in Peas
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Unformatted text preview: • Add 8 to 12 normal germinating peas to weigh pan, and the same number of freeze/thaw-treated peas to the other, record mass • Add ball of cotton 2 cm in diameter to the bottom of 3 test tubes • Hold tube vertically and drop in 4 drops of 15% KOH • Cover layer with nonabsorbent cotton. Add normal peas to one test tube and frozen/thaw to the other and no peas in the third • Let tubes sit for 5 minutes • Add a drop of dye into end of each pipette by Pasteur pipette. Try to get fromt of drop near zero mark. • When front surface of drop passes zero, record time and dye position • Read position of front surface every two to five minutes...
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