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Alfred Russel Wallace

Alfred Russel Wallace - who got the credit as long as their...

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Alfred Russel Wallace 1. If Wallace would have put his theory of evolution out before Darwin people may not have accepted it as an actual theory but just a “good idea”. Because both Darwin and Wallace supported each other’s ideas it was easier for the public to accept them. Darwin’s theory supported Wallace’s theory and Wallace’s theory supported Darwin’s. 4. This story illustrates that scientists need to support each other. Darwin and Wallace were looking for answers or explanations as to why humans exist. Neither of them cared
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Unformatted text preview: who got the credit as long as their theory was out and accepted. Because they supported each other it was easier for the public to accept their ideas because almost the same idea came from two well known scientists. Many of the text books that I have read have never mentioned Wallace, they talk about “Darwin’s Theory” and don’t give Wallace credit. Before this reading I’ve honestly never heard of Wallace and the things that he’s done to support Darwin. I think text books haven’t covered history as well as they do facts....
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