Chapter 2 book notes

Chapter 2 book notes - Chapter 2 book notes Hypothesis- a...

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Chapter 2 book notes Hypothesis- a tentative statement about the relationship between two or more variables. Variables are any measureable conditions, events, characteristics, or behaviors that are controlled or observed in a study. Theory- a system or interrelated ideas used to explain a set of observations Independent variable- a condition or event that an experimenter varies in order to see its impact on another variable Dependent variable- the variable that is thought to e affected by manipulation of the independent variable Experimental group- consists of the subjects who receive some special treatment in regard to the independent variable. Control group- consists of similar subject who do not receive the special treatment given to the experimental group Extraneous variables- any variables other than the independent variable that seem likely to influence the dependent variable in a specific study Random assignment- occurs when all subjects have an equal chance of being assigned to any group or condition in the study It sometimes advantageous to use only one group of subjects who serve as their own control group It is possible to manipulate more than one independent variable in a single experiment It is possible to use more than one dependent variable in a single study Experimental research
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Chapter 2 book notes - Chapter 2 book notes Hypothesis- a...

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