Monday September 21 (sociology)

Monday September 21 (sociology) - Monday Today in class Dr...

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Monday September 21, 2009 Today in class Dr. Besser finished up the notes from brainwashing and started talking about deviance. I learned today in class that deviance is a type of behavior that goes against a cultural norm. An example that Dr. Besser used was the picture of the guy painted like a cheeta wearing short silver shorts. Dr. Besser used him as an example like if he were to go to class dressed like that then he would be considered deviant, however if he were going to marti gras then his outfit would go very well with the occasion and he would be considered normal. There is a difference between crime and deviance, crime is behavior that violates the law. Deviance however is behavior that challenges cultural values and beliefs. There are many theories as to why people behave in a deviance way, one of them is it is biological, meaning that there is a chemica imbalance in the brain causing people to act differently or irresponsible. Another theory is phychological, some people are raised by horrible people and some (not all) end up like
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