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study guide exam one - Updated 1/07/2010 Study Guide for...

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Updated 1/07/2010 Study Guide for Biology 212, Mayfield General suggestions: Read the book and use the PowerPoint lectures as a guide to what I think is most important. The PowerPoint lectures are themselves a study guide Generally I have used figures from the book. Understand the figures and the science behind them. Work hard on the vocabulary. When you read the book and listen to the lectures look up any words that you do not understand. Concepts are important. I want you to be able to make connections between different lectures and between different parts of the course. Pay attention to the course themes. Pay attention to the “Concept Checks” scattered throughout the text. Course themes : The molecular nature of life The roles played by proteins The cellular nature of life Energy usage The use and regulation of information Homeostasis (self regulation) Structure and function Continuation (Reproduction and development) Exam 1 Lecture 1 (part of Chapt. 1 and Chapt. 2, 3, and 4) Science and Basic Chemistry What is science? What are some assumptions of science? Have a reasonable comfort level with atoms and molecules Covalent bonds Hydrogen bonds Ions Polar molecules Solubility in water Hydrophobic forces What features of water molecules allow water to have so many properties favorable to life? pH, acids, bases, and buffers – can you explain these terms? Where do hydrogen ions come from in pure water and what happens to them? What features of carbon atoms allows carbon to serve as the basis of so many varied compounds? What elements readily form covalent bonds with carbon? What are isomers? Be able to draw or recognize the following functional groups: hydroxyl, carbonyl, carboxyl, amino, sulfhydryl, phosphate, methyl 1
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Updated 1/07/2010 Lecture 2 (Chapter 5) Macromolecules What is a polymer? Know the classes of macromolecules that are characteristic of life
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study guide exam one - Updated 1/07/2010 Study Guide for...

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