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TuteeAssignment (biology)

TuteeAssignment (biology) - Tutoring Services 1076 Student...

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Tutoring Services 1076 Student Services Bldg. 294-6624 Assignment Sheet Academic Success Center You have been assigned to a tutor. PLEASE CONTACT YOUR TUTOR AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Please contact Tutoring Services if you have any problems contacting your tutor. Be sure to read and keep this Assignment Sheet. If you decide to cancel your tutor assignment, notify your tutor AND Tutoring Services immediately. We wish you success in your academic pursuits. TutorName: Adams, Noa HomePhone: (515) 297-0556 OfficePhone: Email: [email protected] Your tutoring schedule includes: Biology 211 GroupID: 5073 Meeting Times: Wed 2:00-3:00PM Arrange location with tutor Your First Session When you contact your tutor, you will arrange when and where the first meeting will occur. Once an agreement has been reached, you are expected to attend your tutoring sessions. Be sure to arrive promptly. You will reach and understanding with your tutor about your mutual goals for tutoring and discuss what it will take to meet your goals.
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