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11. Deduce the structure of an unknown compound using the following 1 H NMR spectrum, mass spectroscopy data, and IR spectrum. 1 H NMR spectrum: δ 1.30 (triplet, 6H) δ 4.29 (quartet, 4H) δ 7.4–7.9 (multiplet, 4H) Mass Spectrum:
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Unformatted text preview: m/e: Intensity: (as % of base peak) 222 10% 177 38% 149 100% IR Spectrum: Intensity (peak): Frequency (cm –1 ): s 3100 m 2900 m 2800 s 1740 m-w 1600 m-w 1475 m 1465 m 1450 m 1375 s 1300–1000 a. b. c....
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