ema4938-spring-2011-exam2 - SCIENCE OF BIOMATERIALS Spring...

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SCIENCE OF BIOMATERIALS- Spring 2011 EMA 6580 - EXAM 2 INSTRUCTIONS: Read the entire exam carefully. Answer every question to the best of your ability, based upon the available information. State all assumptions you use in answers. Section I: General Applications/Characteristics of Biomaterials. Give brief descriptions/short answers to each question below. (24 pts) 1 . Give 2 examples of cell responses to injury: 2 . Identify 2 surface modification methods to ablate a polymer surface: 3 . Identify an (a) austenitic stainless steel and a (b) martensitic stainless steel composition. 4 . Identify 2 cells and/or materials associated with Bio-inflammation (wound healing): 5 . Give 2 examples of silane coupling agents: 6 . Give two mechanisms by which proteins adsorb to biomaterials in vivo . 7 . Give 2 examples of membrane bound proteins: 8 . Identify 2 mechanisms associated with adsorbable polymers: 9 . Differentiate between superhydrophobic and superhydrophilic. 1 0 . Identify 2 degradable biomaterials: 1
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EMA 6580 - EXAM 2 1 1 . Give 2 effects of surface patterning PDMSe with Fn on cell response.
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ema4938-spring-2011-exam2 - SCIENCE OF BIOMATERIALS Spring...

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