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Lecture-8SS-modified - Biomaterial Classifications –...

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Unformatted text preview: Biomaterial Classifications – Lecture Slide Set 8 Lecture Dr. Anthony Brennan University of Florida Tel: 352.392.6281 Email: [email protected] Section 1 – Lecture Slide Set 8 RESORBABLE POLYMERS RESORBABLE Section 2 – Lecture Slide Set 8 NATURAL POLYMERS NATURAL Section 3 – Lecture Slide Set 8 CERAMICS CERAMICS Additional References Additional • Macromolecules, An Introduction to Macromolecules, Polymer Science, F. A. Bovey, F.H. Winslow, ed, Academic Press (1979) ISBN 0-121-19755-7 ISBN • Fundamental Principles of Polymeric Fundamental Materials, 2nd Edition, Stephen L. Rosen, Wiley Interscience (1993) ISBN 0-471-57525-9 0-471-57525-9 • Polymer Science and Technology, Joel Polymer R. Fried, Prentice Hall PTR (1995) ISBN ...
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