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finals - ≥ 90 = A 85-89 = B 78-84 = B 70-77 = C 60-69 = C...

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Dear all, For some reason every year at this time I have strange problems emailing students who have ufl.edu accounts. I do nothing different than I do during the year. The only thing I can think of is that ufl.edu is either overloaded or they alter the spam filter and my messages are considered spam. The only thing that seems to get through is the subject line. Go figure. The finals have been graded and I have calculated your final grades. The average on the final was a 69, so there was an 11 pt. curve. Remember, I round up your final to the nearest percentage point. So, if you got an 89.1 you got a 90.
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Unformatted text preview: ≥ 90 = A 85-89 = B+ 78-84 = B 70-77 = C+ 60-69 = C 50-59 = D+ 40-49 = D ≤ 40 = E I will post your grades permanently on Thursday at noon. If you wish to have anything regraded or know what I am going to put down as your final grade, you must contact me before then. Tom Thomas Lyons Assistant Professor Leigh Hall 404 Department of Chemistry University of Florida Gainesville, FL 32611 tel: 352-846-3392 fax: 352-846-2095 [email protected]
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