THE_LIST - If 2 's comp. to 2245 's they are 2245 If 2 's...

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+ - ÷ X = or 2245 THE LIST Addition Subtraction Multiplication Division Distributive Substitution Reflexive Symmetric Transitive Simplify Segment Addition (= only) If = 2245 If 2245 = If midpoint 2245 If midpoint = If bis 2245 If bis = If median mdpt If right ’s 2245 If right ’s If right ’s If 90 right If right 90 Overlapping segment Thm (OST) ( 2245 ) Overlapping angle Thm (OAT) ( 2245 ) Angle Addition (= only) (may assume VA and LP by picture or statement) If LP supp 's If LP sum 's = 180 If VA 2245 If supp 's sum = 180 If sum is 180 supp 's If comp 's sum = 90 If sum is 90 comp 's Def. Isosceles Triangle Def. Right Triangle
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Unformatted text preview: If 2 's comp. to 2245 's they are 2245 If 2 's supp. to 2245 's they are 2245 If 2 's comp or supp to same they are 2245 If an angle is supp to 2245 's it is supp to each of the 2245 's If an angle is comp to 2245 's it is comp to each of the 2245 's If ll lines AIA 2245 If ll lines CA 2245 If ll lines AEA 2245 If ll lines SSIA supp If ll lines SSEA supp If AIA 2245 ll lines If CA 2245 ll lines If AEA 2245 ll lines If SSIA supp ll lines If SSEA supp ll lines SSS SAS AAS ASA HL CPCTC...
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