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forest gump essay 1

forest gump essay 1 - Will Cliff English Comp 3 Forest Gump...

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Will Cliff 11/29/09 English Comp 3 Forest Gump: A Story of Destiny One might not think that an opening shot of a feather blowing in the wind could foreshadow a lot about a film, but in Forest Gump it is the quintessential metaphor for the entire story . Floating through the air, the feather represents Forest’s way of life; easy going and accepting . The feather, like Forest in his life, does not possess the power to determine its own path concerning what will happen next . It is whisked around by the gentle southern breeze—bearing no predetermined final destination . Then landing on Forest’s dirty Nike shoes, the feather represents a way of life that has given Forest a story to tell . Starting at the beginning of Forest’s life and moving chronologically, the film illustrates the simplicity of the life he lives compared to many other characters he meets along the way . Bouncing along with the opportunities presented before him, Forest finds his way through life not knowing, or anticipating, what’s coming next . Forest Gump is a story about destiny—a story about how people perceive life differently and how that perception alters their paths through life . In the midst of an extremely chaotic world of wars and assassinations, Forest always maintains an honest, simple approach to life . Always referring to what “mamma says,” Forest lives within the bounds of simple rules . Getting on the bus to school for the first time he says, “Mamma said not to get rides from strangers . I’m Forest, Forest Gump . Well now we ain’t strangers anymore .” He then boarded the bus . His ability to
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follow rules is also probably the reason why Forest fit so well into the army . Such structure allowed him to do exactly as he was told, and by doing so he was rewarded and received the Congressional Medal of Honor . Yet even after such a feat, he did not let it determine how he would spend the rest of his life . He played ping-pong for the US Army, and then, keeping a promise to his late friend Bubba, Forest completely switched gears and spent all his money on a shrimpin’ boat—shortly there after becoming a millionaire as the founder of the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co . While it can be easy to live life within the bounds of the rules, Forest approaches it differently than most people . Forest genuinely follows the rules he sincerely believes in (most of which he learned
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forest gump essay 1 - Will Cliff English Comp 3 Forest Gump...

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