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Will Cliff 12/1/09 WAC 1 48 Hours to Action Critique 48 Hours to Action had a much greater impact on me than I expected. I started off the night participating in the “Zen Walk” and it really inspired me to think about the AIDS epidemic. I’m not going to lie, knock on wood the AIDS epidemic really has not effected me in my life. No one that I am truly that close to has contracted the virus and most of my knowledge about it comes from the classroom. The entire 48 Hours to Action program did a magnificent job of hitting the guests with the intensity of the epidemic immediately when they entered Kaufman Hall. All of the acting, artwork and interactive simulations allowed one to almost step into the shoes of an AIDS victim or one close to an AIDS victim. These demonstrations also did an excellent job of preparing
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Unformatted text preview: the guest to enter the live performance of 48 Hours to Action. The live show was stunning. Immediately I understood the underlying point of the show and of the entire night in Kaufman Hall—we can do a lot more to help resolve the AIDS epidemic. The fact that they could put the musical pieces, skits, and dances together in such a beautiful, complex form is astonishing and inspiring. I also found it very effective when the HIV positive people in the audience stood up and shared a piece of their story. All together, it would be an understatement in my mind to call the night a success. The effect was powerful and motivating and it is programs like this that will make a positive difference in the AIDS epidemic our world is confronted with....
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