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identity essay FD - Will Cliff WAC 1 Section B My Identity...

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Will Cliff 10/27/09 WAC 1 Section B My Identity It was when I, at the time a lost little high school lover, got dumped by my girlfriend in my junior year of high school that I first thought about my identity. At first I rejected this strange mindset—not really even understanding what I was thinking about most of the time—but as I’m sure many can attest to, you can’t just drop an identity crisis when you’re stuck smack dab in the middle of one. Thoughts of identity often come in times of grief. Diana Fuss, author of The Identification Papers, writes, “All identification begins in an experience of traumatic loss and in the subjects tentative attempts to manage that loss…identification is a reactive mechanism.” 1 This was exactly the case for me. At the time it drove me to great frustration. Professor Peter Sellars said, “When you turn your life upside down you see what you’re really made of.” 2 My life had flipped vertically 180 degrees but I had no clue what I was made of—I just felt beat up and sad. Then that summer before senior year I really came to appreciate my little identity phase, as I continue to do to this day. Through family, friends, and traveling to unfamiliar places I have a strong sense of who I am today. These people and experiences have also made me realize that my identity is something that I will potentially ponder for the rest of 1 1 Fuss, Diana. Identification Papers. New York: Routledge, 1995: 38 2 2 Sellars, Peter. "What Is My Identity." Class lecture, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA, October 28, 2009 .
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my life—and as a result of this, I expect my future to be full many spontaneous decisions and life-altering experiences that will set me off on a path to being a better person. One of the most valuable resources I have had in finding my identity today has been my family. My family and I have been through everything together—from one of us having poor health, to coping to new changes in lifestyle, to traveling the world, etc.
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