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Prose poem paper

Prose poem paper - Will Cliff WAC 1 Embracing the...

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Will Cliff 11/19/09 WAC 1 Embracing the Differences I normally don’t consider myself to be a very sentimental person, but I sure as hell did as I sat in my chair and gazed at my empty room—our last moment we would spend together for 11 months . It had all been stashed away safely in intricately labeled boxes: the books, clothes, pictures, and sports equipment . Spider webs that I had failed to notice for the 13 years of my life that I have lived in the room emerged from the previously hidden areas . An empty, nervous feeling emerged in my stomach . My family and I were about to embark on an 11-month trip around the world and I had no clue what to expect . I have never felt so many emotions as I did in those last few moments before we left . Tired but restless . Excited but scared . Then again, I was a thirteen-year-old teenager entering the beginning stages of puberty . The pain of homesickness had already began to settle into my belly and we hadn’t even left yet . The thought of how it could feel in a month surged the feeling even more . Then door slowly creaked open and my father stepped into the room and said, “Hey buddy . It’s time to go . If I could have hugged my room and my bed… I most definitely would have—but a wave had to suffice . We travelled for the next 38 hours . I had never spent so much time amidst the skies in my life . Lower back pain emerged from the economy class seats—a pain that I would get very used to over the next 11 months . Somehow the in-flight KLM Airlines
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entertainment system kept me entertained with films and video games . When my eyes weren’t closed for sleep, they were intently fixed on the screen as I tried to pass the time as much as I could .
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