uys sex ed critique

uys sex ed critique - their country and the rest of the...

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Will Cliff 10/15/09 WAC 1 A Healthy Approach to Sexual Education Sex can be a very hard topic to teach to fifteen and sixteen year-old high school students. Many schools try and find new “young” and “hip” ways of doing so—yet somehow no one seems to be more fit for the job than 65- year-old South African satirist and educator Pieter-Dirk Uys. Uys performed and educated for approximately two hundred high school students this past Wednesday at UCLA’s Gloria Kaufman theatre. Perhaps one of Uys’s greatest tools is how he creates such an open atmosphere. By using slightly foul language, sexual innuendo, and the sharing of his hilarious story of his first “solo” sexual experience, he had the students wide-eyed in fascination—and of course falling all over the place in laughter. He describes his method as “using humor to fight fear” because he believes that “fear kills dreams.” Yet shedding light on the importance of safe sex in today’s AIDS infested world was only part of Uys’s message to the students. Uys stressed again and again to the students how important they are in today’s society to
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Unformatted text preview: their country and the rest of the world. Uys said, “You must become the mentors, you must become the heroes.” These words of breaking away from your fears and striving for greatness seemed to really capture the minds of the students. First year UCLA student Alyssa Gray, who was analyzing Uys’s interactions with the high school students, said, “His unique ability to make every person in the room feel comfortable talking about such a topic is astonishing. Plus everyone left feeling inspired to take on the job of spreading the word of the importance of safe sex for themselves and for others.” Uys leaves to fly back home to South Africa (where he is considered a national tresure) this week after spending the past two weeks at UCLA discussing the issues of racism and sex in today’s world. Through his sheer brilliance as an entertainer and educator, Uys continues to make a difference wherever he goes as he himself fights for his dream of a better, safer world....
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uys sex ed critique - their country and the rest of the...

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