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welcome week journal - Will Cliff WAC 1 Welcome Week...

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Will Cliff 9/26/09 WAC 1 Welcome Week Journal Entry September 18 was a thrilling and highly anticipated day. It was the long-awaited day when I moved in here at UCLA. The majority of my friends back at home had all left approximately a month before me—so I was ready to get down here. I opened the door to my dorm room with my mom by my side to meet my two roommates—Utkarsh Misra and Huwembo Shi. Utkarsh (whom I love to relate to the character Kumar from my favorite film Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle) is from New Delhi, India and adjusting to living here on the other side of the planet extremely well. Huwembo on the other hand is from Shanghai, China. I like to call us the “emerging nations room.” One thing I found quite humorous was how when I would tell my friends back home where my roommates were from I would always get one of two responses. The first response was “o dude that sucks!” I guess these friends seemed to think that I would find nothing in common with my roommates and not be even entertained by them. The other response I got was “man that’s awesome. You’re going to have an amazing experience.” This was more like the way I reacted when I found out where they were
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welcome week journal - Will Cliff WAC 1 Welcome Week...

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