syllabus - Economics 1 TEXT Microeconomics Mike Sproul...

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Economics 1 Microeconomics Mike Sproul TEXT: Mankiw, Principles of Microeconomics Users of older editions should check the publisher’s website in case chapter numbers have changed. An online text (Sproul), very much under construction, is available on our class website. OFFICE: Bunche 2250B; TuTh 8:30-9:30 Cell Phone: 661-733-4530. Call any time. I don’t usually answer at 3 AM, but you won’t wake me up by calling. If I don’t call back within 2 hours, or if you call late at night and I haven’t called back by 7:30AM, try again. Email: [email protected] (I don’t give out grades by phone or email.) GRADING: Three quizzes: 55% (approximate weighting) Final: 43% 2% CLASS PROCEDURES 1. Quizzes contain 15 objective questions and one short answer question. The final contains about 30-40 objective questions and 3 short answer questions. Quizzes are given in class on Tuesdays of week 3, 5, and 7. They are returned in your discussion section, but you may not keep the exams. You may look at your exams in class or in office hours, but you may not copy down questions or take the test with you. Quizzes usually cover only the material since the previous quiz. Quizzes focus on lectures, but if a topic is covered in lecture, you have to know
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syllabus - Economics 1 TEXT Microeconomics Mike Sproul...

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