Scandinavian Lit Week 8 Lecture 2 Notes

Scandinavian Lit Week 8 Lecture 2 Notes - She wished she...

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Scandinavian Lit Week 8 Lecture 2 Notes Isak Dineson = Karen Blixen Bebets feast written with an American audience in mind First written in English and then translated into Danish o Thought it would expand readership o Romantic view that it was for her british lover, Robert Redford in the movie Aspired to be apart of the Danish royal family.
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Unformatted text preview: She wished she were born into another era. o Immersed into the 20 th century though Calls herself a shaharazod He tales are about storytelling itself Quote on p. 21 Pokes fun at a long tradition of Scandinavian austerity Kierkegaard Aethetic ethical religions...
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