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final paper topic - WAC 100 B Spring 2010 Art as Moral...

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WAC 100 B – Spring 2010 Art as Moral Action Professor Peter Sellars Final Paper Assignment This year we are offering a choice of topics for your final paper. Please choose the topic that suits you best and will be most useful to you in the years to come. Traveling Companions Please select a sentence from each of the four assigned books in this class that you want to accompany you for the rest of your life – a sentence you want to memorize, remember, reflect upon, or embody. In fact these words are not meant to stay between the covers of a book, but they are meant to enter your life, and you are meant to pour your life into these words. For your final paper, thread these four sentences through your life. Connect them to who you have been and what you have done, or who you want to be, and what lies ahead in your life. If these are words to live by, place them next to your life. Find the parallels, the simultaneities, and the contradictions and tensions inherent in aligning your actions with the layers of meaning that these words carry for you. Sometimes these words confirm something you’ve known and felt deeply across your whole life; in other cases these words open up a vista that you had not previously imagined. Locate the point and identify the situation in which these words resonate in you. Describe the conditions and circumstances in which the ideas, aspirations or insight of these words have become, are becoming or might become reality in your life. Use this paper as an opportunity to reflect upon and more fully imagine the implications of these sentences, and also more importantly, to reflect upon and more fully imagine your own life. Open yourself up into a vision space. Let your acts of self-examination lead you to creative and surprising understandings of who you are and who you could imagine yourself to be. Use this paper as an 1
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opportunity to lay groundwork that will be inspiring and helpful for decades. Each of the four authors have very different trajectories, approaches, temperatures, worlds, and world views. Lewis Hyde is considering the finest points of moral inquiry, ranging across indigenous cultures and capitalist superstructures, tracing the inner and outer lives of our gifted selves, and the ways in which we care for those gifts and nurture them as we give them to others. Lewis Hyde’s writing is exquisitely crafted and beautifully polished with sentences that are themselves multifaceted jewels, and his insights are similarly quietly dazzling. Perhaps one of the most moving aspects of The Gift is that you feel that Lewis Hyde needed to write this book to help heal his soul and clarify his life. The light that he offers is hard-won and deeply sought. Howard Zinn wrote from the front lines of the struggle for equality in
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final paper topic - WAC 100 B Spring 2010 Art as Moral...

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