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final paper - Will Cliff 6/2/10 WAC 100BProfessor Peter...

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Will Cliff 6/2/10 WAC 100B—Professor Peter Sellars Discussion Section Friday, 2-2:50 pm Travel and the Giving that Gives Back I live a very blessed life. I was born into a upper class family in Marin County, an expensive, beautiful place to live in the magnificent San Francisco bay area. I was also blessed by my family. Growing up with a loving mother, father, little sister, and many, many animals as the years progressed, I was constantly being surrounded by love and support. In todays crazy world surrounded by materialism and money, this can be extremely hard to come by. My family, knock on wood, has also been fortunate enough to have good health. Above all, one of the greatest parts of my family that distinguishes us from other families, is our passion for travel. I first went to England when I was seven, went to Europe when I was eleven, and to top it all we travelled around the world for a year after I graduated from eighth grade when I was fourteen. Travelling to twenty countries, my parents gave me the gift of seeing countries, cultures, and lifestyles that only the smallest fraction of the world had seen by my age. I spent a week on our friends fruit farm bordering South Africa and Namibia, speaking with the local workers who weren’t much older than my sister and I. I spent time visiting orphanages in Bodh Gaya, India, its poorest province. These children literally had nothing. I was able to hike the Inca trail to Macchu Piccu before I started high school. Looking back, it is personally breathtaking
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how unbelievable this gift of traveling and seeing the world was that my parents gave to my sister and I. Looking back on the experience as a whole, I think it was a fantastic age for my sister and I to take part in such a journey. It was a period of time that marked the beginning of our maturing processes. Seeing such polar opposite ends of the world from the one I was so used to in California, I was able to see firsthand that the world was not as fair as it may have seemed. While I grew a lot on this trip, and it gave me time to prepare for high school upon my return, I wasn’t fully able to comprehend the extent to all that I had seen. Only being fourteen—and a young fourteen year old at that—I hadn’t quite formed my own opinions on the world yet, which is understandable for someone of my age. Upon returning home, the shocking realization dawned upon me that not a whole lot changes in the San Francisco bay area over a year—except the size of my friends. I was still a lot smaller then them as they were now a grade ahead of me. Looking back, I am so incredibly grateful that I had that year to mature emotionally and physically. Starting high school, I came in incredibly motivated to get good grades and work hard in school for the first time in my life. I set the bar high for myself with a 4.0 gpa my freshman year of high school. Each summer thereafter, my family kept me and my sister busy as we always did something that most other families didn’t do. In reflection, it was
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final paper - Will Cliff 6/2/10 WAC 100BProfessor Peter...

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