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Will Cliff 4/6/10 WAC 100B Disc. Friday 2-2:50 Journal Entry 1 This week in lecture we watched the “The People Speak.” This video was incredibly eye opening to our past as a nation as it revealed information I had never really heard before. What I found particularly fascinating was how it showed what was behind the good that many of our national historic figures were remembered for. It was actually quite hard to grasp at times. Finding out how brutal of a human being George Washington really was, was alarming. How a man who would shoot disobeying soldiers in the head can only be remembered as great as he is remembered today is astonishing. I feel like this phenomenon of how such brutal human beings can only be remembered
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Unformatted text preview: solely for their achievements could almost be a study in itself. Thinking about this idea of people only being remembered for their positive traits is actually present in everyday life today. From relationships, to reputations, to politics, people are always highlighted for their positive assets and the negative ones can be ignored. While I believe that in many ways this is a good way to lead a life, perhaps our human tendency to see the good in people is what has semi-flawed our history books as people aren’t remembered for how they really were. Never before this lecture had I looked at seeing the good in people in this way....
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