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journal entry week 3

journal entry week 3 - This ties into the next quote about...

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Will Cliff 4/14/10 WAC 100B Disc Section 2-2:50 TA: Angeline Shaka Week Three Lecture 1: First Peter Sellars Lecture “Come clean, don’t be part of the toxic, and live life doing everything you truly care about.” “Capitolism has everyone economically scared. When you’re scared, you will never do anything real. Constantly reacting to everyone else being scared too. What would it be like if you were acting completely as yourself?” I absolutely loved the first lecture with Peter Sellars. That man is amazing. The way he speaks hits you immediately and “enters the wound” as he put it in class. I never thought that within half an hour, one person could more or less alter the way I think about my life and what I want to do. The first quote (come clean) is like music to my ears. Superficiality has always been a pet peeve of mine—from conversations to actions—but at the same time in the capitalist society we live in today it is very hard to avoid.
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Unformatted text preview: This ties into the next quote about capitalism. While it can be paraded as the “best” and “most efficient” system, Peter is exactly right when saying that it uses scare tactics to make people do what the system needs it to do. In society today, with all its pressures to produce cookie cutter businessmen and doctors, people are never left with the opportunity to step back, take a look at their decisions, and think about all pressure aside what they truly want to do with their lives. Rarely today does anyone act in a way that is purely themselves—it is always through the filters of the pressures of society and the needs that must be met. My goal from this class is to not let the pressures of society affect what I truly want to do with my life. That is a huge statement… I hope I can follow through on it, but I think Peter is the man that can teach anyone how to do so....
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