Journal entry week 4

Journal entry week 4 - different world and instead of...

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Will Cliff 4/21/10 WAC 100B Disc Friday 2-2:50 Week 4 Lecture Response “History won’t change itself.” “Your life means nothing until you take risk—go to the center of the flame.” “Go somewhere where you can taste what change feels like.” Right at the beginning of this lecture you could tell that we were diving into deeper matters than the first lecture with Peter. Hitting us with facts on world poverty and the unknown consequences of our everyday life actions as Americans, I immediately knew that this lecture was going to be more intense than the previous. At the same time I completely agreed with everything he said. The summer before going into my senior year of high school my parents sent me to Argentina by myself and I was incredibly nervous. I had no idea that the trip would literally be one of the best things that ever happened to me. I was surrounded by no one I knew in a completely
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Unformatted text preview: different world and instead of panicking I accepted it all for its differences. I had the time of my life and came back a changed, more mature individual that was ready to take on the world. While there I saw a ton of poverty and helped children learn how to do pinhole photography. The difference made was our connection with these children of poverty. Each day I would go and play with them and we would do pinholes—an activity they grew to love and appreciate. That taste of change felt great and I learned from the whole trip that with confidence and persistence you can change just about anything you want to. I cannot wait to keep travelling as I feel that I learn more from it than I could ever learn in a classroom. I’m planning on going to India to study abroad the summer before my junior year of college....
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Journal entry week 4 - different world and instead of...

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