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Journal entry week 7 - everything.” This statement with...

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Will Cliff 5/12/10 Prof. Peter Sellars Discussion Section: Friday 2-2:50 pm Week 7 Journal Response “The Republicans are destroying education because they figured out that no educated person votes republican. Education is being destroyed and the republicans are winning every election because of it. California is ranked 49 of 50 states in spending on education and 1 of 50 on prison spending.” The main reason I had chose this quote is simply because I have such a hard time grasping it. I consider myself a liberal, and I can’t stand statements that are completely close-minded, reactionary conservative viewpoints. For example the statement that the women made on the flyer before he speech on campus that “liberals are wrong about
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Unformatted text preview: everything.” This statement, with all due respect for Peter, seems a little radical for me to fully support. There is no way that the republican party could want anything less than for the progression of intellect in our country. I just don’t think that the leaders are saying “lets cut spending on schools just so that we can remain in power.” Economically in the long run, and short run too, the statement makes absolutely no sense and is slight what the quote is implying. Yet, at the same time I don’t agree with the state’s decisions on spending on education so maybe such statements that are even more radical from my liberal viewpoint are correct....
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