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I. Diet Analysis 1. Over the week of February 6, 2010 – February 12, 2010, my average kilocalorie intake per day was 2616 kcal . This level of intake is 570 kilocalories per day lower than my Diet Analysis Plus recommended intake of 3186 kcal . 2. My average intake of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates percentages are as follows: Fats – 34% with 886.14 kcal, Proteins - 18% with 468.4 kcal, and Carbohydrates – 48% with 1262.72 kcal. According to Diet Analysis Plus my recommended levels of intake for each are as follows: Fats – 24%-43%, Proteins approximately 10%, and Carbohydrates – 55%-79%. Analyzing these recommended levels, I am consuming an appropriate amount of fats with my intake being right in the middle of the recommended intake range. This is good that it is not too high, but I should still be careful of my fat intake because too much of it can lead to hypertension. On the other hand my carbohydrate intake level is lower than the recommended intake level. This could lead to too much fat consumption and protein utilization. My protein intake is much higher than the recommended level—while in the long run I should be more careful of this, it isn’t too bad as I am making an effort to gain weight as I enter my prime. 3. My average cholesterol intake is 691.35 mg . With my recommended intake at 300 mg , my actual intake is way too high. To be specific, my actual average intake is 230% greater than my recommended level. This could lead to several disease complications such as coronary heart disease, heart attacks, strokes, and hyperlipidemia. 4. As for fiber, my average intake is 21.94 g . This level of fiber intake represents only 58% of the recommended level of 38 g . In the future I need to greatly increase my fiber intake so that I don’t see complications in cholesterol, and keeping my bowels stable.
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5. Regarding vitamins, most of my intake levels exceed the recommended levels with percentages ranging from 142%-218% . The only three vitamins where I am deficient are Vitamin-D, Vitamin-A, and Alpha-tocopherol. In the catagories of these vitamins my deficiency percentages are as follows: Vitamin-D – 17%, Vitamin-A – 55%, and Alpha-tocopherol – 32%. WHAT ARE THE CONSEQUENCES??? 6. My saturated fat average intake is 12% --exceeding the recommended maximum level of 10% . My average intake of monounsaturated fat is 11% , and my average intake of polyunsaturated fat is 6% . I must decrease my saturated fat levels to avoid complications like breast cancer, coronary heart disease, prostate cancer, and small intestine cancer. 7. The
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project 01 - I Diet Analysis 1 Over the week of February 6...

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