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10 LEC notes - 1 Prenatal development a Fertilized eggs...

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1. Prenatal development a. Fertilized eggs, called zygotes become embryos. b. Zygote and fetus are vulnerable to viruses and diseases. 2. What do newborns know? a. How to survive b. How to move limbs away from pain c. Turn head to get air d. Communicate i. Sucking ii. Crying 3. Habituation a. Research technique to study what infants know b. A form of learning c. Definition A: a decrease in responding with repeated stimulation i. If you hear a siren, at first you attend to it but if it persists, eventually you ignore it 4. Novelty preference procedure a. Infants look longer at objects they think are novel (new) b. Infants will look at hybrid animal with dogs head because they first focus on the face and since the dog’s face is new, they look longer at it. 5. Motor development a. First, infants begin to roll over. Next, they sit unsupported, crawl and finally walk b. Individual differences in when each of these abilities sets in: i. 25% walk by the age of 11 months ii. 50% within a week of first birthday iii. 90% walk by 15 months 6. infant memory a. infantile amnesia: inability to remember events before ~ 3 years old b. the earliest age of conscious memory is ~ 3.5 years old c. a 5 year old has a sense of self and an increased long term memory. 7. Memory is linked to learning
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a. Even though babies don’t consciously recall events before 3 years old they can and do learn. 8. Cognitive development a. Cognition: mental processes accociated with thinking, knowing, remembering and communicating. b. Famous developmental psychologist jean piaget was very interested in the devopment of cognition. c.
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10 LEC notes - 1 Prenatal development a Fertilized eggs...

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