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10 LEC notes - W ill Cliff 2/1/10 Modules 45-47:...

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Will Cliff 2/1/10 Modules 45-47: Personality Easy goin Laugh a lot Procrastinate till I scare myself then work hard Test Myself A chemical substance that alters perceptions and moods: psychoactive drug The discomfort and distress that follow discontinuing the use of an addictive substance: withdrawal The diminish effect with regular us of the same dose of a drug is called: tolerance In order for substance dependence to be diagnosed with “physiological dependence” either tolerance or withdrawal must be present. 1. Freud (1856-1939) believed that personality was a result of events in a persons life, including traumatic ones a. Also believe that the mind actively prevents unconscious traumatic events from reaching consciousness. b. Modern theories are more narrow… different than all encompassing old theories like freuds. 2. The development of Freud’s theory a. Unconscious—the inaccessible part of the mind b. ID—the unconscious reservoir of libido, the psychic energy that fuels instincts and psychic processes c. Superego—the repository of moral values including the conscience and the ego-deal d. Ego—the general manager of personality, making decision balancing the id and superego demands e. Pleasure principle—the rule that the id obeys immediate gratification.
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3. Defense Mechanisms a. These are mental systems that become active whenever unconscious instinctual drives of the ID come into conflict
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10 LEC notes - W ill Cliff 2/1/10 Modules 45-47:...

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