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2nd paper notes - M a ter ial Girl when we look at the...

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“when we look at the pursuit of beauty as a normalizing discipline, it becomes clear that not all body transformations are the same. The general tyranny of fashion—perpetual, elusive, and instructing the female body in a pedagogy of personal inadequacy and lack—is a powerful discipline for the normalization of all women in this culture.” Post modernism is embracing all. Dismiss all search for social patterns or social critique. People are denying the truth of racial politics in a sense by saying it doesn’t matter. “what is better?” who defines it? Do these materialistic plastic changes alter your life in positive ways? In whos eyes does it make you look better? Everybody has the right to look the way they want to but why is it that they want to? Noone ever establish their own asthetic ideal, always adopt the materialistic norm. Why not be balding and wrinkly? Michael Jordan made bald a great thing. Why is objectification of beauty focused on women than men, perhaps the natural subjugation of women under men? Biological. Puts you into a norm. that’s what makes it popular. Were blindied by this dominating white beauty. Images more dominate life today. Black hair style was more how to combat the dominating force of society. Womb as oasis society is made up as webs of meaning, metaphors and symbols cross over into different areas of our different lives and give us meanings . Material girl covers how in todays society we easily conform to images and what not to normalize ourselves. A way to fit in. Tuesday morning 9am
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2nd paper notes - M a ter ial Girl when we look at the...

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