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final paper outline - analyzing the postmodernistic piece...

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OUTLINE 1. Thesis: 2. Body: a. Depthlessness i. Modernism art work example is Van Gogh’s painting of the peasant shoes. 1. Exhibits modernistic themes by telling a story through the painting. a. “world of agricultural misery, of stark rural poverty, and the whole rudimentary human world of backbreaking peasant toil, a world reduced to its most brutal and menace, primitive and marginalized state.” b. It then offers a utopian gesture by contrasting it with color, “apple trees explode into a hallucinatory surface of color.” c. This oil paint adds a new color, new dimension to the painting forcing the viewer to further dive into the story told. d. Oil paint not only offers visual pleasures, but deepens the story the painting tells. ii. Jameson then contrasts this sense of modernism by
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Unformatted text preview: analyzing the postmodernistic piece Andy Warhols Diamond Dust Shoes. 1. Jameson said that theres no way the image could offer no emotion or feeling, but then contrasted it with Rilkes painting magical flowers which looks back at you and through the detailed greek torso warn the bourgeois subjectto change his life. 2. It is black and white, a dead image that doesnt even relate to Warhols past job in the graphic marketing. It doesnt even reflect the already superficial postmodern area as it has no influence from this eras new sense of technology, etc. it is utterly a dead image. what you see is what you get. b. Weakening of histocrocity c. ?? 3. Conc...
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final paper outline - analyzing the postmodernistic piece...

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