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Jedel Notes Pt 2 - Jedel Benson WAC 20 Lecture...

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Jedel Benson WAC 20 2-2-10 Lecture 9-Appropriating Culture Appropriating has the sense of taking without asking. Do the products belong to those cultures? Who owns culture in the age of globalization? Tourism has become the major vehicle for inter culture encounters (also a huge industry- many countries depend solely on this industry for money) The Film: Cannibal Tours (was made for Australian television by Dennis O’Rouke) Paradigm of civilization vs. culture The tourists are representative of civilization (note Mozart playing in the background) and they are encountering the natives (represent culture as an organic thing that is unique to individual places). Do you see this as a victim movie? Are the natives passive tools or not? “Not really living, more like vegetating. .”-white tourist “They don’t have to worry about tomorrow…[because] nature gives them everything they need…”-White tourist male (is this not contradictory? The general feeling is that they are primitive but happy. When the tourists come, the natives say “The dead have returned.” Tourists come to find out if we are civilized or not. Native woman, “The white people have all the money and we have none…” complains that the tourist travel here to see us “backwards” people and don’t buy our goods. Native man: “The price I ask is the price I deserve to be paid, people should pay me what I ask.” He asserts that asking for a “second price,” “third price,” is wrong. Jedel Benson WAC 20 2-4-10 Lecture 10-Culture as Racism The authors: Franco Bulgarian, English and self identified Afro-Brit. Begins by discussing the history and the theory of race/racism. Racism: behavior (based on physical characteristics & ideology-doctrine concerning races). Racism vs. Racialism Racism: differentiating each other based on physical features (we always think that our group is at the top of the hierarchy)-began simply with the idea that there is “us” and there are “others.” Enlightenment’s ideas about race: Rationality was a universal characteristic of all people (Thomas Jefferson), “We hold these truths to be self evident that all people are created equal…” “When I consider that God is just, I tremble for the fate of my country…”
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The French held in their colonies to be true that every man could be a Frenchman if he achieved the proper education, etc. In the 19
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Jedel Notes Pt 2 - Jedel Benson WAC 20 Lecture...

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