WAC 20 Week 5 LEC 1

WAC 20 Week 5 LEC 1 - island o Frustrated that the white...

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WAC 20 Week 5 LEC 1 21:06 Will Cliff Appropriate is taking without authorization.  Products of one culture being taken  by people of another culture. Do the products of cultures belong to those cultures. Film “Cannibal Tours.” Paradigm for civilization vs. culture. Tourist represent culture People of new gineua represent culture. o They don’t understand why the people come and are fascinated with their 
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Unformatted text preview: island. o Frustrated that the white people don’t support them in the local markets. • Tourist work down prices even when it is extremely cheap. Only reason the people want the tourist is for money • Forces the culture to focus on accommodating to the tourist—civilized folk....
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