Solar Wind - Solar Wind About the Image The sun flings out...

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Solar Wind About the Image: The sun flings out solar wind particles in much the same manner as a garden sprinkler throws out water droplets. The artist's drawing of the solar wind flow was provided courtesy of NASA. Find out how hard the solar wind is blowing today. Compare the solar wind and Earth's winds. How does the density of the solar wind compare to the air we breath? Quick look at solar wind properties Interplanetary magnetic field Basic Facts About the Solar Wind The sun is flinging 1 million tons of matter out into space in all directions every second in the form of an electrified stream of charged particles. If you add all this up over the course of a day, its comparable to the mass of Utah's Great Salt Lake. And this happens every day, day after day, year after year. In ten billion years, the sun will lose 0.01% of its mass as a result of the plasma outflow. This mass loss is called the solar wind. The solar wind is formed as the sun's topmost layer blows off into space carrying with it magnetic fields still attached to the sun. Theoretical description of the Solar Wind. This rarified plasma moving at velocities of ~400 km/sec engulfs the planets, fills the solar system, and continues onwards, creating a huge bubble of solar plasma in interstellar space called the heliosphere .
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The Interplanetary Magnetic Field The image shows the heliospheric current sheet generated by the sun as it rotates. The current sheet separates magnetic fields of opposite polarity. Because the current sheet is
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Solar Wind - Solar Wind About the Image The sun flings out...

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