Vertical Structure

Vertical Structure - (around 250 to 500 km Most recent map...

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MAGNETO-ELECTRONIC STRUCTURE The upper atmosphere is also divided into regions based on the behavior and number of free electrons and other charged particles. Ionosphere The ionosphere is defined by atmospheric effects on radiowave propagation as a result of the presence and variation in concentration of free electrons in the atmosphere. D-region is about 35 to 55 miles (60 - 90 km) in altitude but disappears at night. E-region is about 55 to 90 miles (90 - 140 km) in altitude. F-region is above 90 miles (140 km) in atitude. During the day it has two regions known as the F 1 -region from about 90 to 115 miles (140 to 180 km) altitude and the F 2 -region in which the concentration of electrons peaks in the altitude range of 150 to 300 miles
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Unformatted text preview: (around 250 to 500 km). Most recent map of the Height of Maximum (hmF2) . The ionosphere above the peak electron concentration is usually referred to as the Topside Ionosphere. What is the Ionosphere Like Now? Select up-to-date information on: • Real_Time Global Ionospheric Total Electron Content (updated every 15 minutes). Click here for more information about GPS and this innovative new ionospheric measurement technique from JPL • Maximum Useable Frequency (MUF) of radio signals reflected by the ionosphere (updated every 30 minutes) • Height of the Ionization Maximum (hmf2) (higher altitude reflection points for radio waves makes possible longer propagation paths (updated every 30 minutes...
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Vertical Structure - (around 250 to 500 km Most recent map...

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