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EXPLANATION OF WRITING STANDARDS Ideas High The ideas in the paper are clearly related to the topic and go beyond popular clichés. The writer shows insight and reaches logical conclusions. Middle The ideas are clearly expressed but conventional. Low The ideas are barely recognizable; the paper says little. Organization High The paper starts at a good point, has a sense of movement, gets somewhere and then stops. It has an underlying and flexible plan that the reader can follow. Transitions between and within paragraphs arise from meaning. Middle The paper exhibits some structure, but it either does not fit the content or is overly apparent. Transitions are mechanical. Low The paper wanders, showing little or no discernible sequence of thought. Major points are repeated rather than developed. The paper lacks transitions within and between paragraphs. Relevant details/supporting evidence High Generalizations in the paper are supported by extensive and concrete detail. Opinions are supported by examples, facts,
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