Narrative%20Essay%20Rubric - Revelation What the narrator...

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Category Criteria Excellent Average Needs Improvement Comments Thesis/Purpose The purpose of the paper is clear, and it is stated  in the introductory paragraph of the narrative. Use of Events All of the events told in the essay support the  purpose of the essay, and each of the events  narrated are relevant and important. Organization The sequence of the events in the narrative is  clear, and the reader is able to understand any  and all shifts in time, both forwards and  backwards.  The essay is in choronological order  and uses flashbacks clearly (if any). Dramatic Structure The narrative follows Aristotle’s Dramatic  Structure Transitions The transitions between events in the narrative  are smooth and help readers follow the  sequence of events.
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Unformatted text preview: Revelation What the narrator has learned or gained from the events that are narrated in the story is revealed in the concluding paragraphs of the essay. Originality and Content Paper is interesting and reflects student’s original ideas. The paper is thoughtful and makes for good reading. Mechanics The student writes error-free, fluent sentences with consistency in verb tense and point of view. The paper has been proofread for mistakes. Areas for improvement: Circled Areas need improvement Run-on Sentences Fragments Use of 2 nd Person Verb Tenses Pronoun Agreement Pronoun Reference Subj/Verb Agreement Diction/Vocabulary Spelling Capitalization Punctuation Narrative Essay Rubric...
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Narrative%20Essay%20Rubric - Revelation What the narrator...

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